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Technology is not only about electronics anymore as both our dependency on and our need for using technology have evolved. It is now a necessity in many different situations, business industries, how we communicate with one another on both personal and professional levels, how we share information and data, and how we interact and are perceived via social media and other online platforms. This is even true more so now with the state of the world as we deal with COVID-19 and how its drastically impacted how we communicate with one another . How we deal with this transition is crucial to the continued and future success of many small and large businesses' alike as well as has a direct affect on how classrooms and teaching institutions are structured.  For these reasons, things like increased network security, remote connectivity, VPN accessibility, Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA), video conferencing, and instant messaging services have now moved to the forefront as far as priority and reliability of needed business services. Because of this increased need, the IT people who support these users and services have become more crucial to daily operations and overall organizational function. In respect to these new modern issues that have potential to arise we must endorse more modern solutions in order to promptly and properly respond.


Education is what remains after you have forgotten what you  learned in school

/ Albert Einstein


During a time when most organizational employees are working remote and in non-ideal settings it is vitally important to ensure that they have access to adequate resources and support systems in order to continue to perform their normal work functions without interruption or excessive downtime. As IT professionals we must provide continued reliable access for external users to various internal network resources and data storages with little to no downtime as many users are working slightly altered schedules due to eLearning and other overlapping responsibilities. We must be proactive with concern to availability of bandwidth, loss preventative data replication, cloud based resource uptimes, and capacity planning as well as be reactive in providing communications information, minimizing security vulnerabilities, and providing adequate remote user support and documentation. Addressing all these things and providing outstanding service and support is essentially what "service you can count on" means and we pride ourselves in making our services and support services available so that we can respond to issues within a timely manner.



Our founder William Chatman's history and education within the Technology industry is vastly wide spread and extensive. With a Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology from Western Illinois University and graduate coursework completed at Keller Graduate School of Management in Business Administration concentrated in Information Systems this unique education combination has allowed him to take an exclusive "customer/consumer-focused" approach to dealing with various IT issues and requests. Having gained over 25 years of "on the job" combined technical and service experience in various roles such as Systems Analyst with Sears Holdings Corporation, Senior Field Technician with the American Hospital Association and currently as Senior IT Support Specialist With Law Bulletin Media he brings an unparalleled perspective of unique expertise and prompt response to most IT related issues.  He has experience supporting over 500+ both in and out-based employees having advanced knowledge in remote connection applications such as TeamViewer, GoToAssist, LogMeIn, RemotePC, Zoho Assist, Kaseya, Windows Remote Utilities and more. In addition, with his diverse and unique hybrid service background he seems to develops a special rapport with both users and clients alike and this is primarily due to his above average level of demonstrated industry expertise that he brings with him to every individual service call and teaching experience.  

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